Advantages of Quantum Board LED Plant Light


The main advantages of the quantum board led are:


Quantum baord provides more output while consuming less watts.

Light propagation.
Because light is emitted from multiple points on the large board, it has a more direct path to the roof outside the coverage area than light from a smaller fixture that must be emitted outward. This results in a lower strength in the middle of the coverage area and a higher strength around the outside. In other words: more uniform light propagation.


Samsung diodes (and cheaper alternatives used by many brands) emit full-spectrum white light with all visible wavelengths. They have several different color temperatures, but they are all close to natural sunlight. This makes it an excellent spectrum for plants. Although blue and red LED were common in the past, the industry began to realize that white LED was more suitable for plants, so more and more manufacturers turned to white.

Thermal management.
Quantum boards are usually mounted on thin aluminum sheets (or sometimes radiators), which is enough to passively cool diodes. No fan is required.

Low price.
On average, the cost of a quantum board led is lower than that of a traditional LED or COB that produces a similar output. Yes, there are cheaper lights, but these lights do not provide the output of the quantum board.

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